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I among all my instruments.

Music is something very special for me.
In fact, I would never have thought that I would ever master a musical instrument. As a child and teenager I had strong problems with my self-esteem. Fortunately, despite all the resistance, I finally solved this problem.

When I got my first guitar, I was 15 years old, I also got a very good book from Peter Bursch. With this book and a lot of enthusiasm I started to explore the instrument. I played until my fingers hurt so much that I could hardly write at school. I became literally addicted to it.

It was a flamenco guitar, on the photo you can see it lying on my knees.
This guitar has accompanied me on every journey. No matter where I went, it was with me. It has a very clear sound and I like the string position. It is more difficult to play than normal concert guitars, as I noticed later when I bought other guitars. That is what makes this instrument so special.

Over the years and decades, I've been playing guitar for over 15 years, many other stringed instruments have been added. There are some to list. Mandolin, ukulele, bass, violin... the photo says everything, I think.

The tone is important to me. It must touch me and find a resonance in my ear.
Many very expensive instruments which I held in my hands did not give me this feeling.
In fact, that's why I prefer old instruments that could gain sound experience during their lifetime, as you might say.

Screenshot of my workstation Ardour

In the beginning, recording my music was quite laborious.
At that time I had to solder my own microphones out of many individual parts due to lack of money. At first I actually worked analog with a tape recorder. But when I had a computer, it got a little easier.

But at that time I had no idea about OpenSource and that robbed me of all my savings because I had to buy useless and expensive software. Only later, when I discovered Linux and slowly got rid of the proprietary software, the recording of my music became really pleasant and free.

Dealing with the free software also had the useful side effect that I had to delve into the matter of recording technology. A really fascinating field. Complex and very technologically demanding, but that's the kind of environment I love. I'm a little crazy about technology after all.

I produced my first album in 2005, it was called "Independence" and that hit the nail on the head. I had become independent as a human being, I had become independent of teachers and conventions, I had become independent of proprietary software.
I was free. A great feeling.

Today I use my music mainly practically.
So as music for games, for title songs and background music for videos.
But I also want to work towards an album again. Somehow I don't have the time.
I have a lot to do with the other assets of the games, the more visual comrades, if you know what I mean.

I have always been inspired by great composers like Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, but also by instrumental artists like Mike Oldfield or the great early albums of Genesis or Pink Floyd. I am musically rather analog on the way. I used to resist the use of digital technology. Today I not only think it's okay, but also enjoy working digitally.
Some synthesizers have given me a whole new idea, a new style.

The great projects of so many dedicated people who digitally rebuild old synths, code the beautiful sounding instruments and put them online for free have inspired me and paved the way for me. Music is more free today than ever before. And that makes me very happy. Everyone can give free rein to their creativity. That's why I love this idea of freedom so much: It creates undreamt-of new possibilities.

At the top of this page you have probably already seen that you can listen to some sample recordings of me. These are the current test recordings for the current project. This changes from time to time.

Here, at Soundcloud, you can listen to everything from me.
There are final recordings, also my album, but also all kinds of scaps and tests.
It is certainly worth listening if you are looking for interesting sounds.

... I hope you like it and you want to hear more. If you can use someone to make music for you - just ask me.
It would be a pleasure to help you.