just meI was born in 1985 in a small town in southern Germany. It was not a pleasant childhood and generally life in Germany is by no means as cheerful as many like to describe it. Rather, it is just as repugnant and unfair, as terrible and fearful as in any other industrial nation.

In Germany, work is everything. There is no room for creativity, visions and dreams. It's all about craftsmanship. If you don't sweat when you do a job, it's not a job from a German point of view, it is just wasted time. As an artist, you are even less appreciated in Germany than anywhere else in the world. For a German, you are not a worker and therefore a worthless person.

I realized my talents early on, even though no one outside my family supported them. The school system in Germany does not support worthless activities such as art or design. It only supports things that can be used in industry. And that is why even the school subjects that call themselves "art" and "music" are used to make people equal and to invent supposedly universal standards. Depending on how perfectly one denies oneself and emulates these fictitious standards without asking questions, one is either rewarded for this slavery with good grades, or punished as a free thinker.

I have always preferred to be a free-thinker and therefore had many problems with authority figures in school and later in industry. As an aircraft mechanic in the German Air Force, however, I actually had the best time as far as authority figures were concerned. It was more pleasant there than at school. Crazy, but actually true. When the military is freer than the school... what does that say about the education system?

With all the suffering the school caused me, I had a wonderful family who loved and supported me deeply.
My sister and my parents are people with a good heart who have never lost their humanity despite all adversities.
Through this security I was able to become the person I am today. That is why freedom, empathy and care are very important to me.

I want to inspire people, bring them closer to feelings, make them laugh and cry, tell stories that they remember and continue to tell.
Art should touch. It is the expression of deep feelings and opinions. It is a means of transport for what we call humanity.
And even in a small asset for a game, there is so much expression and devotion that for me it is a symbol of art itself.

When I was 16 years old they gave me a guitar and since that day I am in love with music. I taught myself everything and never stopped.
Even today I discover new musical instruments and teach myself how to play them. Continuously I become better and more virtuosic.

That's how I started drawing. One day I overcame my shyness and began to scribble figures. With time it got better and better.
I started traditionally and now I draw digitally too. It is an exciting way and I love it. And that's how I came to 3D art.
I knew Blender from before, since about 2007. But only two years ago I "rediscovered" it and was immediately fascinated.

On this website I present some of my projects, my way of working and there are links to other websites where you can find more information.
Some things can be downloaded, listened to, viewed or used. I believe in the idea of Open-Source and hope that every visitor will find here many things he likes.