monty python influence
first sketches

Like so many people, I'm someone who likes to scribble. Out of boredom I decorated the edges of my exercise books and school books with funny figures. But I can't say when you can call such a thing "real drawing". Nevertheless, it is of course a kind of drawing and it has been the starting point for me. Even though it took many years until I have the courage to draw "correctly".

... I am not a friend of such terms, like "correct" or "real". This always implies that there are substantial differences in the form of expression, also in art itself. If you deal with this matter for a longer time, you quickly realize what really counts. If there is no statement, no expression, it is dead art, no matter how polished it is. But those who have a good form of expression are well advised to value their work and invest time to bring it to a high gloss.

Shortly before Christmas in 2016, I had a crisis and didn't really know what would bring me happiness in life.

I was struggling with myself and so I started to think up some funny situations and draw them in little comics.
But I wanted to approach the subject " drawing " completely relaxed and easy.

one of my first drawings ever
first little funny comic scenes.

It did me good to get back to drawing.
But I had to fight against the prejudices in my head, which were mainly persuaded to me by school education. The German school system claims that male people cannot be creative and artistic. In Germany, gender roles and clichés are generally very influential and rigid. If you have the wrong gender, your future looks bleak.

Fortunately for me, in 2016 I had nothing more to do with the educational system for a long time and could finally do what I would have wanted to do most eagerly as a pupil: to train and educate all myself.

The first pictures were very flat.
I struggled with the lines and edges.
Perspective gave me a lot of headaches and still... everything I did, I loved.

a drawing from one of my graphic novels
first illustrations for stories.

With the weeks and months that passed, I succeeded in finding my style and improving my technique. I set myself big goals and was often disappointed that it took a very long time to finish the individual pictures. But still I wanted to tell my story and draw the pictures. It was very depressing, though, when I was able to make up the story much more quickly than I could draw the illustrations.

I had no real plan back then. I hadn't really thought about where my journey was going.
I would never have thought that I could live and work as an artist.
At that time I still thought this would be more of an ego trip.

Without the support of my great love, I would certainly have been able to maintain my motivation. Without people who believe in you and your abilities, it is enormously difficult to fight against the resistance. Ninety percent of this resistance lives in your head, but the other ten are a thousand times more terrible.
Because nothing is more dangerous for you than envy.

And I also learned how to deal with it.
It took many months, but in the end I found my way.
And I was sure it was the right way.

my first digitally drawn comicAfter about a year of traditional drawing and having made a lot of progress, my great love persuaded me to invest money in a graphics tablet.

At first I resisted it, because it would cost about 1000€.
But in the end I risked it and it also honoured me because I now understood that all this was real and that I was really going to be an artist.

At first I found the old doubts again. I just wondered if I was worth it, if I could have earned it.
But thanks to the wonderful open source software "Krita" I quickly found a lot of joy in digital drawing.

It was so natural, so uncomplicated.
It almost felt like I was drawing on paper.
But the fear of the indelible line was gone. There were no more limits here.

My very first digitally drawn comic was created so quickly and spontaneously that I could not believe that I had created it myself. In fact, I didn't understand the software yet and it took a lot of trial and error. If I look at it from my point of view today, it is indeed a small miracle.

asset1Soon I began to make the first drawings for our games. Instead of doing everything in 3D, I found it very useful to draw many elements of the background.

Especially because such a drawing goes fast and because it is a nice test for me whether I can approximate my style.comic

It's also really fun. No, seriously, I'm so happy to draw the environment for the game.
The backgrounds are like small paintings and the landscape is as true to the original as possible is very satisfying.

Most of my drawing work naturally deals with stories, comics, novels. I would like to decorate my words with illustrations. I've dreamed of this since I was a child, when I first dreamt up fantastic stories.

I've always liked anthropomorphic fantasy figures. Somehow it's amazing that we humans can often feel more intimate and closer to animals. I like the emotional level, which is much more touching and moving when you portray the actors of a scene as animals.

Soon I will upload all my works collected here into an archive and then you can have a look at all editions of each project.

This will take some time, because priority is given to everything that has to do with the demonstration game. Terra Australis first. But that doesn't mean, of course, that I don't have time for other works on the side.

a magic wand
A magic wand, as a study of the style to be applied.
Style sheet for a protagonist of one of our side projects. The idea comes from a GameJam.