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My name is Michael Mauch, artist's name Moonlighthiker, and I am a multidisciplinary artist.
For about 20 years I've been making music. Recently, so to say, since about 3 years, I create drawings and 3D art.
Mostly for games. But also for my comic stories and illustrations.

Together with my partner I founded "AgoutiGames".
We are a small indie game manufacturer that has set its mind on writing its own flexible and versatile game engine and making its own games with it. An ambitious goal. But we will make it. Our previous successes prove us right.

I play almost everything that has strings.
Guitars, mandolins, violins, basses... and also piano, flutes, didgeridoo, drums, various synthesizers.
Real "analog" instruments are important to me because they have their natural dynamics. I like traditional instruments because they express the soul of a culture. But I still love synthesizers and digital technology because of its freedom.

I work exclusively with free software, i.e. open source. That's why I prefer Linux and especially the distribution "UbuntuStudio".
I do all my art with this distribution, because it offers a perfect collection of all important packages for me.

New challenges make life worth living for me.
So if you have something for me, feel free to contact me.
I would be happy to help you.



Software I use and love:
ubuntustudioblender.orgArdourJACK Audio Connection Kit

HydrogenKrita painting appInkscape


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